The state of our eyesight is greatly influenced by environmental factors. Our eyes can suffer both short- and long-term consequences from the modern lifestyle, which is marked by prolonged screen time and exposure to diverse environmental factors. To maintain eye health, one must be aware of following; Digital Screens and Eye Strain: Prolonged use of computers, smartphones, and other electr

The impact of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on your eyes can be both immediate and long-term. There are three types of UV rays that make up the electromagnetic spectrum that the sun produces: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVA and UVB are the UV radiation kinds that can harm your eyes; UVC is absorbed by the Earth’s […]

Reading in Dim Light Ruins Your Eyesight: The idea that reading in dim or low light impairs vision is one that is widely held. It doesn’t result in long-term harm, despite the possibility of eye strain and pain. Although it doesn’t create long-term injury, adequate illumination helps lessen eye strain. Wearing Glasses Weakens Your Eyes: […]

Eyeglasses have a significant impact on how we see the world and how the world sees us when it comes to personal style and functional eyesight. Choosing new glasses is a big decision, regardless of why you’re doing it—a prescription change, a desire for a new style, or a necessity to meet certain lifestyle criteria, […]