Eyewarez: why you should own a pair

In this digital age where the average adult spends an estimated nine hours a day looking at different kinds of screens; a computer, a phone, tablet, or any other kind of decide that emits blue light, it is important to keep the eyes protected.

Extended periods of staring at any of these can result in computer vision syndrome (CVS), a distinct kind of eyestrain characterised by symptoms such as headaches, dry eyes, redness, and blurred vision. A solution to this are blue light glasses, as proposed by manufacturers and Eyewarez has the perfect pair for you.

Blue light glasses from Eyewarez have been designed specifically for the digital generation; to safeguard against excessive blue light exposure thereby improving our overall wellbeing. Eyewarez has created lenses with unique coatings or tints that are intended to reflect or prevent blue light from entering your eyes.

Wearing blue-light-blocking glasses from Eyewarez will lessen eye strain, eye damage, and disturbed sleep.

Here’s our fit guide to help you choose the ideal computer glasses for your face shape—there’s a perfect pair for every sort!

Find your pair https://myeyewarez.com/product-category/blue-light/

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